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Following items wanted in fine or better condition unless otherwise noted. Will trade most items on this web site for my wants or will purchase depending on asking price, condition and shipping costs. 



Always interested in large lots, collections or accumulations of pre-1980s SF, mystery, adventure

or pulp reprint paperbacks, especially any of the following:


Harrison Hunt (WT Ballard & Norbert Davis) - Murder Picks The Jury


W.T. Ballard (aka P.D. Ballard, Neil McNeil) - Pretty Miss Murder

                                                                             -  Walk In Fear

                                                                             -  Chance Elson

                                                                            -  Murder Las Vegas Style

                                                                            -  End of A Millionaire                                                                       

                -  Angel of Death

                                                                            -  The Death Brokers


Robert Leslie Bellem - The Window With The Sleeping Nude

                                        - No Wings On A Cop

                                        - (as John A. Saxon) - Half-Past Mortem

                                        - (with Cleve F. Adams as Franklin Charles) - The Vice-Czar Murders

                                        - (as Gordon Anthony) Doctor of Lesbos (1963, Beacon Signal Books)

                                        - (as Gordon Anthony) The Sex Ladder (1964, Beacon Signal Books)


Howard Browne - Thin Air

                                - Pork City

                                - If You Have Tears

                                - The Paper Gun


Bruno Fischer - any title


Robert L. Fish (aka Robert L. Pike, A.C. Lamprey)  - The Memoirs of Schlock Holmes

                                                                                           - The Murder League

                                                                                           - The Assassination Bureau Ltd

                                                                                           - Trials of O’Brien (TV tie-in)

                                                                                           - Rough Diamond

                                                                                           - Kek Huuygens-Smuggler

                                                                                           - Whirligig

                                                                                           - The Bridge That Went Nowhere

                                                                                           - The Green Hell Treasure

                                                                                           - Bank Job (as Pike)

                                                                                           - Deadline 2 AM (as Pike)


Jay/J. M. Flynn - The Deadly Combo

                          - The Hot Chariot

                          - Ring Around A Rogue

                          - The Girl From Las Vegas

                          - One For The Death House

                          - Deep Six

                          - The Action Man

                          - Terror Tournament

                          - A Body For McHugh

                          - Its Murder McHugh

                          - Viva McHugh!

                          - The Five Faces of Murder

                          - Trouble Is My Business

                          - Blood On Frisco Bay

                          - Surfside Six (tv tie-in)


William Campbell Gault  - The Bloody Bokhara (aka The Bloodstained Bokhra)

                                          - Square In The Middle

                                          - (as Will Duke) Fair Prey

                                          - The Sweet Blonde Trap

                                          - The Dead Seed

                                          - The Chicano War

                                          - Man Alonen (Gryphon)

                                          - Dead Hero

                                          - The Bad Samaritan

                                          - Phantom

                                          - The Convertible Hearse

                                          - Come Die With Me

                                          - End of A Call Girl (aka Don’t Call Tonight)

                                          - The Sweet Blonde Trap

                                          - Dead Pigeon

      - Sporting Lad

                                          - Sweet Wild Wench

                                          - Million Dollar Tramp

                                          - The Hundred-Dollar Girl

                                          - (as by Roney Scott) Shakedown

                                          - The Marksman & Other Stories (Crippen & Landru) (pb $19)

                                          - do not need Gault sports or juveniles (early 1960s-early 1980s)



Rob Grant 

Incompetence (Orion/Gollancz tpb)





Jaccoma, Richard

Yellow Peril (pb edition with pulp style cover)

The Werewolf’s Tale

The Werewolf’s Revenge



Day Keene

  Farewell to Passion (1951; AKA The Passion Murders)

  My Flesh Is Sweet (1951)

  Love Me and Die (1951)

  To Kiss or Kill (1951)

  Hunt the Killer (1952)

  About Doctor Ferrel (1952)

  Home Is the Sailor (1952)

  If the Coffin Fits (1952)

  Naked Fury (1952)

  Wake Up to Murder 1952)

  Mrs. Homicide (1953)

  The Big Kiss-Off (1954)

  There Was A Crooked Man (1954)

  Death House Doll (1954)

  Homicidal Lady (1954)

  Joy House (1954)

  Notorious (1954)

  Sleep with the Devil (1954)

  Who Has Wilma Lathrop? (1955)

  The Dangling Carrot (1955)

  Murder on the Side (1956)

  Bring Him Back Dead (1956)

  It's a Sin to Kill 1958)

  Passage to Samoa 1958)

  Dead Dolls Don't Talk (1959)

  Dead in Bed (1959; Johnny Aloha)

  Moran's Woman (1959)

  Miami 59 (1959)

  So Dead My Lovely (1959)

  Take a Step to Murder 1959)

  Too Black for Heaven (1959)

  Too Hot to Hold (1959)

  The Brimstone Bed 1960)

  Payola (Pyramid, 1960; Johnny Aloha)

  Seed of Doubt

  LA 46 (1964)

  Carnival of Death (1965)

  Chicago 11 (1966)

  Acapulco Gpo (1967)



Henry Kuttner - Ahead of Time

                           - The Brass Ring (aka Murder in Brass)

                           - Chessboard Planet

                           - The Day He Died

                           - Elak of Atlantis

                           - Kuttner Times Three

                           - Murder of A Mistress

                           - Murder of A Wife

                           - The Murder of Ann Avery

                           - The Murder of Eleanor Pope

                           - Secret of The Earth Star and Others

                           -Thunder In The Void (Haffner Press)



Murray Leinster (Will F. Jenkins) - Murder Madness

                                                            - Sword of Kings

                                                            - Murder of the USA (aka Destroy The USA)

                                                            - The Last Spaceship

                                                            - Fight For Life

                                                            - Gateway To Elsewhere

                                                            - The Other Side of Here (aka The Incredible Invasion)

                                                            - City on The Moon

                                                            - War With The Gizmos

                                                            - Out of This World

                                                            - The Monster From Earth’s End (or World’s End?)

                                                            - The Other Side of Nowhere

                                                            - Invaders of Space

                                                            - Sidewise In Time

                                                            - Monsters and Such

                                                            - Get Off My World!

                                                            - Time Tunnel (1964)

                                                            - Tunnel Through Time

                                                            - Miners In The Sky

                                                            - Unknown Danger (Land of the Giants #3)

                                                            - The Moon Era

                                                            - The Brain-Stealers



Frank McAuliffe - Rather A Vicious Gentleman (fine or better 1st printing only)

                              - For Murder I Charge More (fine or better 1st printing only)

                              - The Bag Man (fine or better 1st printing only)

                              - (as by Frank Malachy) - Hot Town



Frederick Nebel - Sleepers East

     - Fifty Roads To Town



John Holbrook Vance (Jack Vance) - (as Alan Wade) Isle of Peril

                                                                  - (as Peter Held) Take My Face

                                                                  - The Fox Valley Murders

                                                                  - Araminta Station

                                                                  - The Dark Side of The Moon

                                                                  - Green Magic-The Fantasy Realms of Jack Vance

                                                                  - The House on Lily Street

                                                                  - Light From A Lone Star

                                                                  - Lyonesse: Suldren’s Garden

                                                                  - Lyonesse II: The Green Pearl

                                                                  - Lyonesse: Maduoc

                                                                  - Vandals of The Void

                                                                  - The View From Chickweed’s Window



Hardcover Books:

James Foster - Lost In The Wilds of Brazil -(A.L. Burt/Saalfield) hardcover w/dj


Original Comic Book and Comic Strip Artwork:

All art lists/offerings welcome - my wants are wide ranging, from Alden McWilliams to Steve Ditko to Wally Wood, Carmine Infantino, Murphy Anderson and many others - plus just about any daily or Sunday newspaper strip or panel art.




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Mike Robertson Books

PO Box 772

Ravensdale, WA  98051

E-Mail: MRobert722@aol.com