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A wide range of interesting web sites, from comics to pulps to paperbacks to magazines, TV to Old Time Radio to music - and a few out of left, right and center field!



Here’s an interesting site suggested by my good friend Vince Nowell - The Newseum!  Just put your mouse on a city anywhere in the world and the newspaper headlines pop up.   Double click and the page gets larger....you can read the entire paper on some if you click on the right place. Cool site & recommended for those who are interested in news and happenings from the next state or around the world.  A personal side note: my daughter & son-in-law were recently in Australia and came home with an Australian newspaper I had requested (…I really wanted a kangaroo, but those don’t fit into carry-on very well…) and was surprised to find that I’m a rugby player for team Manly!  At least I now know the cause of all those new bruises…



Good site for TV fans featuring episode lists for over 2500 TV shows plus constantly updated fall schedules and lists of on-hiatus shows and cancelled shows.  I check this site once a week to keep track of my favorites - which I don’t name because as soon as I do, the show gets cancelled!  Must be my weird tastes….



Mike’s Amazing World of DC Comics - this site is so much fun - and so informative - that you’ll spend hours exploring all the features.  Over 100 DC Golden Age & Silver Age characters indexed with synopsis & character information; then there’s the Cover Gallery with many Gold, Silver and Bronze Age covers - you can spend hours looking at these alone!  Try the Time Machine feature; use Rip Hunter’s Time Sphere to see the covers of DC comics for any specific month & year. Fun to look up your birthday and see what comics were on sale that month. Other features include DC Giants Guide for the 1960s and 70s; The TPB Guide for info on books, Archives, trade paperbacks, graphic novels and other collections; The Promo Guide for promotional information; The Reprint Guide listing DC reprints 1935-1985; The Master List, a complete & sortable list of all DC Comics published 1935 to present.  Highly recommended!



My friend Vince Nowell’s new website offering his expert services encompassing writing, rewriting and editing, document strategy and formatting, graphics co-ordination, and production management, plus an on-going library sale of sf material and other items.  Vince offers for sale hard cover fiction in the science fiction, mystery and historical genres, plus paperbacks, sf fanzines and other historical and biographical works, all from his own personal library. The website looks great and is easy and fast to navigate.  All items listed are extensively described and fairly priced, with reasonable shipping charges. I recommend the site and Vince - but beware!  You’ll make a purchase, and a good friend as well!  



Pulp stories to download and read, either as print outs or on your computer - for free! Recommended - over 1000 stories scanned in .pdf format, many from obscure titles that most of us will never see, let alone read.  Updated weekly, sometimes on Fridays, sometimes on Saturdays - well-worth checking for some additional pulp reading.



I go thru a ton of labels every year and my wallet weeps when pricing these at the big office supply stores.  Onlinelabels.com to the rescue!  My last label order was for the white 2.6 x 1 inch labels used for list mailings and my return address - at a great price.  250 sheets, 30 labels per sheet for $25.95 - about a third of the cost of similar labels available locally at the retail level.  Shipping for this small order was an incredibly reasonable $5.00 - even more fantastic considering how quickly my order was shipped & delivered.  I placed the order around 11pm on a Wednesday evening and I had the labels in my hot little hands, via DHL, around 4pm Friday!  Great service and a vast array of labels available for many uses. 



In the market for laser toner cartridges or printer ink?  Check out the good people at databazaar - you’ll find great products at very reasonable prices.  I recently purchased two laser toner cartridges (compatibles) for my HP 2200d printer - at $25.51 each!  Retail at any of the office stores is nearly twice that amount and you can double that again for the HP brand cartridges.  Orders over $50 shipped free via UPS/FedEx - usually delivered in less than 5 days.  Great value. I wished they’d stock more of the stuff I need….like Blackberry Brandy and Jamaican Rum! 



Global warming is all the rage these days - check this site out for additional information and alternative views on this and other subjects.  Always interesting.   I still remember “global cooling” from the 1970s….and I’ve already shoveled that “global warming” white stuff off my sidewalk - several times!



If you like to work on your own vehicles and need a good source for reasonably priced parts, this is the site for you.  They offer just about everything one needs for most auto & truck repair at considerable savings over most local supply houses or parts stores.  Rock Auto makes the task of ordering parts online easier by offering photos of most parts offered.  Rock Auto’s price, including shipping, for two front brake lines for my 1971 Ford F-250 = $28. Local price quotes for the same lines started at $68, tax not included!  Math isn’t hard at those prices!  Need I say more….?     



If you’re interested in newspaper comic strips, comics on CD or pulp covers on CD, movies on DVD or books check out friend Peter Vollmann’s new website, currently up and running but still under construction.  Clear and easy to navigate, featuring mostly older material, plus a nice personal profile and photo.  Peter offers quick payment option via Paypal.  



Appliance repair parts for most major (and some minor!) brands - I scored a couple of door springs for our 1902 Sears dishwasher - far less expensive than local suppliers (even after adding shipping), no tax, and fast delivery!  They even have parts you don’t know you need….



Cool rare earth magnets - and I thought the magnet I had as a kid was great when it lifted a couple of heavy bolts and nuts!  These are vastly more powerful and surprisingly inexpensive.  Many uses and most are small and very powerful.  Interesting site, fun to browse.  Just keep these away from your computer…!



Publisher of High Adventure (pulp story reprints), G-8 and His Battle Aces plus pulp facsimile reprints - and John Gunnison has pulps for sale as well! 



Pulp News and Coming Attractions - highly recommended!  Keep up with all the pulp news at this site, including movies, pulp oriented comics and paperbacks.  Features links to other sites, including several that offer free pulp stories to download.  Updated weekly.



A guide to the online world of pulp magazines, including links, sources, history and forum.  Newly revamped site.



Publisher of mystery short story collections: Erle Stanley Gardner, Rafael Sabatini Mickey Spillane, Margaret Millar, William Campbell Gault, Max Brand, Norbert Davis, Paul Cain, many others - quality publisher, recommended.



Known for great SF reference books and works of classic SF writers including Fredric Brown, C.M. Kornbluth, Cordwainer Smith and others.



Index and cover gallery for The Phantom Detective pulp.



The Spider pulp reprints plus The Domino Lady (with a Jim Steranko cover & title page illos) - and if that’s not enough, Rich Harvey also does Pulp Adventures magazine plus a couple of conventions.  All Bold Venture Press publications recommended.



Publisher of quality hardcover editions of vintage SF, Fantasy and Horror by Henry Kuttner, C.L. Moore, Edmond Hamilton, Leigh Brackett, Jack Williamson and others.



Official Black Mask Magazine website with history of the magazine plus news, essays, photos, cover gallery and best of all - free pulp downloads in .pdf format from Black Mask, Adventure, Dime Detective, Detective Fiction Weekly and a few others.



Publisher of hardboiled crime fiction, sf, reference and biblio material, collectible paperbacks.



Pulp Series Character Index - good information for finding reprint appearances of your favorite pulp hero.  Characters covered include Dan Fowler, The Cobra, Doc Savage, Shadow, Black Bat, Daffy Dill, Masked Detective, Secret Six, Scorpion, Whisperer and many, many more plus notations for e-text “reprints”.



Cover art of sf, fantasy, weird & horror fiction magazines, approx. 3550 images from over 95 titles. 



Pulps, pulp art, authors, biblio information, links, essays and a few e-texts.



SCIFI Channel website with news, schedules, reviews and information.



The best in sf and fantasy short fiction with magazine reviews, contents & covers - good way to keep up on your favorite authors short fiction appearances.



Locus Magazine (sf-fantasy-horror) features news, new books, features, links.



Great site for space news and images - Hubble, Mars, The Sun, deep space, solar system, tons more plus wallpaper.  Figure on spending a few hours at this site - content rich as they say in computer geek-ville!



L. Ron Hubbard site - if you like his fiction - and I do - you’ll like this site.



Excellent website on one of the great storytellers of the 20th century. Biography plus story, novel and collection information.  Recommended.



A.E. van Vogt site with biblio, gallery, articles, information.



Official PKD website with author information, lists of novels, short stories, films, collections and non-fiction essays plus rare & unpublished letters. Recommended.



Serials, serials, serials!  If you’re a fan of chapter plays this is the site for you.



Another good TV site with episode synopsis/recap, show lists with notes & status plus forums.



Interesting web log of TV news and criticism.



Song meanings, lyrics and neat trivia.



Another good site for song lyrics - this one can save us all some embarrassment!  I never get the lyrics right on my own, but I attribute that to bad hearing - from too much loud rock n roll!  A vicious circle….!  Good site.



Ever hear a commercial and can’t get the song out of your head?  This site won’t help that, but at least you’ll know the song title and artist.  Recommended.



Neat Old Time Radio site that offers free MP3 downloads of several shows plus forums, a blog and some photo fun.



Great Old Time Radio site for finding your favorites on CD in audio or MP3 format at a reasonable price.  Wide selection, good information plus some free downloads.



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Mike Robertson Books

PO Box 772

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E-Mail: MRobert722@aol.com